About Sam Records

Sam Records is an non-profit independent jazz label based in Paris, France and founded in 2011 by Fred Thomas.

This non-profit label is devoted to reissuing jazz records recorded and produced in France during the 50’s and 60’s.

My two great interests are jazz music and photography. In 2006 i got to know the American musician Nathan Davis personally and made a decision : I would re-release a recording by Davis from 1965 in the best possible quality available. The search for the copyright owner of the cover photo led me to Jean-Pierre Leloir, a legendary photographer who had captured on film what went on music-wise in Paris over many years. I was to be able to find who had the master tape, then have an agreement with the owner and then produced my very first LP reissue.

Five years later, i decided to found Sam Records. I didn’t know the music industry, but it was clear for me to try to do the best reissues possible – find the master tapes and the (original) photography.

While so many labels confine themselves to re-mastering digital versions (read: CDs) and reproducing the original artwork by simply scanning the cover, Sam Records uses only master tapes and re-creates record covers using the original photographs, paintings and/or drawings. That generally involves some painstaking detective work, so it’s a job for conscientious professionals, not corner-cutting amateurs. 

  • Re-mastered from the original master tapes.
  • 180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas, Optimal and now in Marciac, France by Simon Garcia at Garcia & Co.
  • Facsimile reissue using the original photo (if still available).
  • Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir or another photographer.
  • Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.